Calgary roofing

Calgary Roofing SEO Case Study

I wanted to provide a real world idea of the some of the SEO work done to a local Roofing company. The website is a local asonic roofingcompany based out of Calgary Alberta Canada. They specialize in roof repair roof replacement and siding installations. They have been in operation since 2004 and have had a very poor ranking on and Bing.  There has been very little on page seo done to the site and this was a cause of the lack of ranking. After completing so recent on page search engine optimization the site has still not cracked first page for the search terms : Calgary Roofing, Calgary Roofer, or Calgary Roof repair. Though we have seen some movement on the easier keyword Calgary Roof Replacement.

Firs step to increase Rankings was:

Add important keywords to “ALT” tags on all the images,  Such as our keywords Calgary roofing. We then ensure all H1 Keywords were suitable for each page starting with our most competitive Key word on Page one.  We then created a silo effect on each page with trailing long keywords on each. We ensured there was enough content on each page as thin content ( less than 300 words ) is penalized by Google. Once on page optimization was completed we moved to step two see next:

second step

The real work now needed to be done, the off page search Engine Optimization. We needed to ensure proper link building was done to ensure max link juice was going tot he site.  We started by delivering blog posts to proper link networks with he same niche . As Google values links coming from the same nice to be superior to links outside the niche. We stayed away from Black hat links and spammy links like blog commenting.

third step

We ensured that he current links were then backed up with some lower level link like bookmarks and level1 backlinks


We then analyzed the changes to see if they made  a difference and adjusted as needed ,as a result we managed to rank asonic roofing quite well on Google . CA